• Congratulations to Shaimaa Masarwa and Olga Kreichman - our paper about bigger images being better remembered is finally published in PNAS 

  • Congratulations to Amit Benady on the publication of his paper "Vision affects gait speed but not patterns of muscle activation during inclined walking - a virtual reality study" in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

  • Congratulations to Shaimaa Masarwa for being accepted to the "طريقك الاكاديميّه  - דרכך האקדמית" (Tarikek - your academic path)

  • Our paper "Studying the precuneus reveals structure-function-affect correlation in long-term meditators" published in SCAN is now online

  • Our research was recently covered in News1

  • A new seminar course will be given this year "Visual memory processes"

  • Our lab welcomes Limor Brook as a new MSc student in bioinformatics 

  • Congratulations to Olga Kreichman for being awarded the prestigious Levtzion scholarship for outstanding doctoral students by the Council for Higher Education

  • Our BIU Vision Science YouTube channel is up and includes past seminar talk recordings 

  • The BIU Vision Science seminar 2020-2021 series is beginning online on ZOOM with exciting talks throughout the year

Lab News 

Join our research team!

We are looking for brilliant enthusiastic post-doc PhD and MSc students for doing exciting fMRI MRI eye tracking psychophysics VR  and computational research!

Interested candidates are welcome to contact us for more details at 

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Our lab focuses on understanding how neural processes in our brains result in visual perception and behaviour. We seek to understand how the visual system meets the challenges that the ever-changing dynamic 3D world confronts her with. Therefore we investigate how the visual system functions in lab-based and in less controlled environments (using both static and dynamic stimuli) in light of neuro-functional models we developed. We use fMRI to study brain activity, MRI to investigate brain structure, psychophysics coupled with eye tracking to evaluate how behavioural responses are related to brain measures, and computational approaches. We study healthy individuals but also developmental cases and brain damaged patients. 

Specific research directions in our lab

  • Linking visual cortex organization to high and low visual functions

  • High level perception and action skills in lab and dynamic world settings

  • Face, place, object and form perception

  • How visual memory relates to visual perception

  • Motion perception including biological (people's) motion perception

  • Neuroimaging (MRI and fMRI) investigations of high-level visual processes

  • Normative vision, impaired vision (developmental or acquired)

  • Dependencies between different visual functions

Participate in our research!

Whether you have great functional vision, suffer from visual impairments or are challenged by visual perceptual issues - you are welcome to contact us to get more details on participating in our behavioural and MRI studies